At the time of the coronavirus regulations, our opening hours are: from 14.10.2020 until further notice MON – SAT – 11:00 – 20:00. Meals will only be taken through the “window” (door) of our restaurant!

Loving Hut Buffet

Buffet for 100g – 24,- Kc more as 500g soup + hot tea FREE. Discount is 46,- Kc.

Buffet price list:
Soup 26,- Kc 250 ml, Vegetable salad 39,- Kc per bowl.
A glass of hot tea 20,- Kc.

Daily from 17:00 100 CZK per person – discount on buffet!

What is Loving Hut?

Loving Hut is the largest international chain of vegan restaurants, which has over 200 locations around the world. It is a fast food restaurant.

You can either order a meal from the menu or (at lunchtime) eat a buffet – pay per gram. All dishes served here are prepared without the use of meat and any animal origin – vegan. Alcoholic beverages are not available and smoking is prohibited.


Veganity is a type of diet, philosophy and lifestyle that reject the use of animals for human use as raw materials or production units. The concept of veganism was introduced in 1951 by the founders of the British Vegan Society, which remains the author of the definition of veganity. The current Czech definition of veganism reads: “Veganity is a way of life whose aim is to eliminate as much as possible and practicably all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

More about vegan...

On the practical level, veganism is manifested by the exclusion of animal food from the menu or, not using any animal products (such as leather). The reasons that lead to veganism are environmental or ethical.

This term was first defined as a “non-milky vegetarian”, but since 1951 the term Vegan Society has defined it as “the principle where one lives without the exploitation of animals.” The interest in vegans has grown considerably since 2010.

More and more vegan shops are opening and there are more options for vegan food and food available in supermarkets and restaurants around the world.

Celebrations, birthdays, weddings, parties

Do you need to arrange a wedding, birthday party, party or vegan party? We are fully at your disposal. Our restaurant has 80 seats. On request we can make you cake, sweets and all vegan snacks.

More information here at Loving Hut, Zborovská with Mr. Van Tieng Nguyen. Contact is also possible by phone +420 776 569 569 or our form.

Loving Hut, Zborovska

Zborovska 814/19
150 00 Praha 5-Smichov
Google Streetview
Phone: +420 776 569 569

Mo – Fri 11 am – 9 pm
Sa – Su – 11 am – 6 pm

How To Get There

Take the metro line B to the Andel station where you get off and take the escalators to the OC Nový Smíchov. Take the tram towards Arbesovo náměstí, where you will get off and head towards the Vltava River. In the right corner of Arbes Square behind the park there is Kořenský Street. You are coming to the end of this street and you are here.

If you decide to go from Underground Andel, head back to Arbes Square. Both routes should not be longer than 7 minutes. If you decide to go by car parking is possible in Kořenský Street or parking on Arbesovo Square. And even if there was a lot there, it is possible to park in Nový Smíchov. We look forward to you.

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Van Tieng Nguyen
Zborovská 814/19
150 00 Prague 5-Smichov
Responsible Manager: Van Tieng Nguyen
Mobil .: +420 776 569569
IČ: 27276945
Company ID: 1004325258